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interior design

You`ve bought a house or you need to renovate it

interior decorating

You want to refresh your home or make rent house cozy


You want to have suggestions with a minimal budget

What benefits do you get working with me?

some portolio examples

Eclectic art deco living room

what are the steps working on a design or
decoration project?


  1. A personal meeting. Drawing up technical specifications.

  2. Measurements of the developed premises.

  3. Photo fixation.

  4. Development of at least 3 layouts.

2.Image creation

  1. Selection of analogs.

  2. Collage development with real finishing materials and furniture.

  3. Development of 3D visualizations.


  1. Development of a package of construction drawings for the implementation of a design project.

  2. Drawing up a statement of finishing materials, furniture, and lighting.


  1. Designer's supervision at the construction site.

  2. Help in finding and communicating with contractors.

whO AM I?

7.5 years of experience





23,000+ sq.ft

were designed


Maria Shafran

Interior designer & decorator

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Maria Shafran feedback

Zhanna Gvozdikova


I had the pleasure of working with Maria. I am very pleased with the result! The professionalism of the master is felt. Reasonable, not afraid to reject the requested options, tactfully argues. She is very patient.


She accompanies the project after the completion of work and calculations. Works for the result. Glad to have met such a master!