Order a Timeless Luxurious Interior

Eclectic art deco living room

       A luxurious house of the 21st century is not gold, branded furniture, and lamps, the most expensive finishing materials in the world, or baroque redundancy ... But what then?

     A real luxury design is a personalized interior that reflects your personal path, values, lifestyle, culture, religion, age, social status.


The luxury of an interior can be compared to a work of art that will remain relevant in any period because it contains

* everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail (ergonomics taking into account your height, age, regimen, and lifestyle),
* used proportions that are harmonious with a human scale,
* selected complex individual colors,
* used high-quality finishing materials,
* thought over-layering: various textures and textures are used, the heritage of generations is taken into account, traces of time are visible,
* custom-made pieces of furniture and decor especially for your home, in a single copy,
* the author's style of the designer is used,
* used the possibilities of modern technologies,
* your sensory experience and emotional triggers are taken into account,
* handpicked painting and other art that evokes strong emotions in you.

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What do you get?

  • The coziest and most comfortable home,

  • A unique home that tells about you,

  • A home that reflects and gives you everything you love.

  • Attentive listener and interlocutor,

  • Professional experience,

  • Saving your time.

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Maria Shafran feedback

Zhanna Gvozdikova

I had the pleasure of working with Maria. I am very pleased with the result! The professionalism of the master is felt. Reasonable, not afraid to reject the requested options, tactfully argues. She is very patient.


She accompanies the project after the completion of work and calculations. Works for the result. Glad to have met such a master!