Apartment project in the style of modern classics (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Their family is 4 people - a spouse and two children. The spouse works, the spouse is a housewife.


Developed premises - a common open space of the kitchen, living room, attached balcony, hallway and a small hall - the entrance to living rooms and a bathroom.


Features - visibility of all rooms from many points, the presence of structural bearing columns, finished in MDF with imitation of mahogany. The apartment has an intense dark orange parquet flooring.


The disadvantage is the visibility of the living room area from the hallway. The ceilings are finished with plasterboard, but the zoning is not visible and the illumination is not enough.


The task is to create a light, calm and functional interior in the style of modern classics.

Replace the kitchen set with a more functional one. The kitchen space is large enough, while a bar counter was placed in the middle of the corner, visually and functionally "cutting" the kitchen. I had to constantly bypass the counter, its shape was inconvenient and not very functional.

Preferred color palette: beige, brown, delicate turquoise.


All visible walls are joined with a smooth milky decorative plaster with light streaks. The kitchen and living room have something in common thanks to spherical pendant chandeliers and sconces, the shape and color of the chairs, and the color of the curtains. Each of the functional areas is distinguished by its own lighting system and ceiling structures. The large surfaces of the mirrors on the cabinets, the white ceiling cornices and the floor plinths add freshness and lightness.


The balcony is decorated with bold wallpaper in a trendy leafy print with a hint of a conservatory.


Since the entrance to the living room is possible both from the hallway and from the kitchen, the living area is not so extensive, but even a walk-through. There is also a dining area in the living room. In addition, the former owners of the apartment had a sofa opposite the entrance to the apartment. This created an uncomfortable state of being in the living room. Firstly, the so-called "dirty area" of the hallway is visible, on the other hand, the living room turns out to be not a private space. That is why we placed the TV on the wall visible from the entrance against the background of a textured wall. And the recreation area - to the opposite. The partition behind the back of the sofa is highlighted by architectural means (symmetrically located aisles and columns) and a fresco in contrast to the plain walls. We additionally decorated the columns of the sconces in the same style of light balls as the chandeliers.

In the kitchen area, we placed a corner set along blank walls from wall to wall, making the most of the height of the room. At the same time, the set looks weightless due to the milky color of the facades and the multitude of glass inserts with thin crosshairs. We left the bar counter, but set it apart - an island. Thus, we have freed up access to all cabinets and drawers, headsets and appliances. The island, in addition to the dining area, now serves as a storage system for dishes or dry food.

Previously, the kitchen had two refrigerators located in different corners of the room. We placed them side by side in the corner next to the entrance and sink. By doing this, we have reduced unnecessary movement in the kitchen and placed the functional kitchen triangle as close as possible - refrigerator - sink - hob.

We separated the previously non-functional balcony with folding glass doors. On the one hand, we left it visible, natural light just as easily enters the living room. On the other hand, by laying carpet tiles, this area (formerly with ceramic tiles) has become a playground for children, on the other hand, a guest bedroom with a sofa bed.

Since the space is architecturally unified, we “rhymed” the individual functional areas with the help of finishing materials, color spots, lamps and pieces of furniture.

For example, the kitchen and living room are combined with matching pendant lights above the dining table and island; the countertops of the kitchen set, the island and the window sills in the kitchen and in the living room were decorated with gray marble-like artificial stone.

Chandeliers are not heavy, visually light, modern. Customers needed night lighting. Therefore, we illuminated the small corridor with eaves lighting. Thanks to this, the dark passage room has become more elegant, and at night there is no need to turn on the general light to go to the bathroom.

Project terms - 2 months (January-February 2019)