Design project of the club-bar "Bunker", Nevyansk, Russia

Сцена в клубе
Открытие клуба
Барная стойка

Initial situation.

Abandoned premises of a flour mill in Nevyansk.


Objective: To develop a project for a bar in a post-apocalyptic style.


Peculiarities: Minimum budget.

There is a non-functioning elevator in the center of the hall.

There are open communications on the ceiling and walls.


1. The bar counter is made of planks, on its facade - metal pipes curl figured. The lower part of the rack is illuminated by an LED strip. The tabletop is painted with black paint.

2. Metal furniture of rough texture.

3. Walls and ceiling painted black. All communication pipes are highlighted in yellow.

4. A large-format poster is pasted behind the bar. Symmetrically around the edges of it - shelves with bottles. The shelves are backlit with LED strips.

5. Tables are made of planks with legs from water pipes.

6. The elevator is painted yellow and decorated with black paint and posters with signs of radiation hazards.

7. The dressing room is made of pallets nailed/screwed vertically to the wall. On their openings, you can hang clothes hangers on several levels. At the back, the drawers are illuminated with LED strips.

8. The front door is decorated with a round large handle, like in a bunker.

8. All protruding water and sewerage pipes, some images, and barrels should be coated with fluorescent paint.

9. Behind the stage are large-format posters illuminated with ribbon.

10. Corner by the elevator and kitchen: the seats are made of stacked pallets, 4 in total, on top, are multi-colored pillows with photo printing on pillowcases in the style of a bar.

11. All doors are illuminated from above with technical lamps.

Зал №2, чил-аут

The walls are painted black, with yellow stripes on the ceiling. A structure made of mesh, spotlights, and bottles without labels is attached in the middle. This is a lamp. Along the perimeter, there are sconces and photographs of one of the dirtiest cities in the world - Karabash Chelyab. region This is the so-called "Earth-Mars". Furniture - from pallets attached to each other.

REVIEW of the director of the "Bunker" bar about the project:


"I am very grateful to Maria for a high-quality and original approach to my work. It can be seen that a person puts his heart and soul into it! Many thanks! When opening the second bar, I will only turn to Maria for a design project." Read more >>

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