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Decorating Full


  • Conceptual solution development

  • Planning solution

  • Selection of real furniture, lamps, textiles, decor, art

  • Collages or render

  • Selection of color solutions for the entire interior and each room

  • Purchase/list of items

  • Arrangement in the interior

  • Redecoration (if necessary).



This service is for you if ...
1. You are renting a house / apartment
2. You have made repairs, but the space remains unfinished and uncomfortable - there are not enough elaborated accents and details.
3. You made repairs a long time ago, but it is obsolete.
4. You want changes at home - new sensations and emotions.
5. You want to change something globally, but you want to change your style and mood.
6. Your life circumstances have changed - new functional areas are needed.

7. You have moved to a new location and do not know how to fit old pieces of furniture and art into a new space.

Your benefits:
- when you move, you can take all the decor with you and adapt in a new place
- you will get a well-developed harmonious modern space to which you want to return
- your home will become a source of pleasant emotions

2018-04-15 Galery 11 - Portraits GoshaSa

Design Full per sq.ft


1. 3D visualization.
2. Dimensional drawing with reference of engineering communications.
3. Plan of ceilings indicating the type of material used, individual nodes and sections (the number of drawings depends on the level of complexity of the ceiling).
4. Explication of floor coverings indicating the area and article number of the selected material.
5. Plan for the installation of sanitary equipment.
6. Layout plan for wiring accessories and lighting fixtures, linking outlets of lighting, a plan of switches indicating the inclusion of groups of lamps.
7. Layout of electrical outlets and electrical outlets with geometrical dimensions (electrical plan).
8. Development of walls with a tile layout indicating the size, article number and area of ​​the selected material.
9. Development of walls with decorative elements.
10. Perspectives of the premises (color computer 3D graphics).
11. List of finishing materials.




This service is for you if ...
1. You bought a house or apartment and want to create a comfortable space for yourself with a change in the lighting system, power supply, moving partitions.
2. You have made a renovation, but you are not happy with the finish.
3. You have been renovating a long time ago and want to make the space more relevant.
4. You want to change the style of the space.

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Design per room


The package is valid in case of the development of only one room.

  • Living room - $700

  • Kitchen - $600

  • Bedroom - $500

  • Home Office - $400

  • Patio - $300

  • Bath - $300

  • Hall - $200

This service is for you if ...
1. You bought a house or apartment with decoration, but you are not satisfied with one room.
2. You have made repairs, but are not happy with the finishing of a separate room.
3. You are planning to develop a poster design.

Your benefits:
- you will no longer be annoyed by a separate space
- saving time and money

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Styling of

rental apartments


Selection and placement of


  • lamps                     furniture

  • carpets                   curtains

  • art objects               accessories

  • pillows                    plants.


This service is for you if ...
1. You are renting out your home and want to showcase it in the best possible way.
2. Selling a home, and with well-chosen furniture and decor, it looks more attractive





Your benefits:
- you want to find tenants faster and get profit
- set a better price by hiding flaws and highlighting advantages.

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Selection of textiles


Selection of


  • carpets                    curtains

  • pillows                    tablecloths

  • napkins                   bed linen

  • towels.

This service is for you if ...

1. You want to make your life more enjoyable by working out consumables and textiles.
2. You want to update your home for a new season or event.

Your benefits:
- enjoy the little things and details
- get new impressions from your renovated home

2018-04-15 Galery 11 - Portraits GoshaSa

1Hour consultation


  1. Online/offline

  2. Question and Answer

  3. Without selection


This service is for you if ...

1. You have design options, but you don't know which one is best.
2. Not sure how to finalize your interior.
3. Doubt about the choice of decor and textiles.
4. Want to do everything yourself, but need professional advice.

Your benefits:
- get confidence in your choice
- save money
- get good tips to improve your interior

How do I work on a design project?

Preparatory stage
1 step
  1. A personal meeting. Drawing up technical specifications.

  2. Measurements of the developed premises.

  3. Photo fixation.

  4. Development of at least 3 layouts.

Work on the image
  1. Selection of analogues.

  2. Collage development with real finishing materials and furniture.

  3. Development of 3D visualizations.

Development of drawings
3 step
  1. Development of a package of construction drawings for the implementation of a design project.

  2. Drawing up a statement of finishing materials, furniture, lighting.

Construction works
4 step
  1. Designer's supervision at the construction site.

  2. Help in finding and communicating with contractors.

What is included in the design project?

  • measurement plan,

  • redevelopment plan (3 options),

  • partition dismantling plan,

  • plan of partitions to be erected,

  • plan for the arrangement of furniture and equipment,

  • plan for the arrangement of plumbing equipment,

  • floor plan with a bill of materials,

  • ceiling plan with an indication of finishing materials,

  • lighting equipment plan with reference,

  • the layout of sockets, electrical outlets,

  • tile layout,

  • wall scans of all rooms with an indication of finishing materials,

  • list of finishing materials,

  • photorealistic 3d rendering.

The finished project is transferred to the customer in electronic form in PDF format or printed in A3 format (at the expense of the customer).