The Traditional living room project in Staten island 

The living room project implementation in Staten island 

The house is built in traditional style, which realizes in symmetrical architecture. All elements such as doors, stairs, windows is repeated about the axis of symmetry.

In the project, we strengthened and highlighted this tendency by symmetrical furniture composition next to the fireplace, art walls near the entrance to the living room, double sconces, wooden wall panels, moldings. Also, we connected the space of the hall and the living room with the same blue curtains and chandeliers.

We used neutral pastel colors such as white, blue, beige, and brown. There are many specific oriental and floral ornaments in the rugs, pillows, and graphic paintings. Marble, dark wood, and ceramics are also typical materials for the traditional American style.

The leitmotif of these two areas are rounded, which appear on the area rug, wall mirror, graphics art, coffee tables, watch, and ornaments.

We added a lot of live plants and dried flower compositions.